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Animal blood donations


The blood donations are essential to save the life of seriously sick or injured cats and dogs.Only one gift can save up to 2 lives!

How does a blood donation happen?


Initially, we will make a blood test to make a complete blood profile and to determine the blood group.

According to its temperament, your animal can be sedated for a short duration.  Approximately 450 ml of blood is taken on dogs and 50 ml on cats.  Your animal then receives a meal as soon as the effect of sedation is gone.

Your animal must rest for the remainder of the day.A register is kept where we register the dates and the sites of blood collection as well as any relevant comment.The animals can make a donation every six weeks without danger, but we prefer to space out the donations about every four months.

Who can give blood?What are the conditions to be fulfilled to become a donor?

Benefits when giving blood:

The general examination of your animal and blood testing will be without expenses.

You will receive a free bag of food for your animal.

If it was to prove necessary, your animal would receive a blood transfusion without expenses.

If you are interested in your companion integrating a donor program, do not hesitate to raise the subject.Your pet could very well profit from a transfusion one day or the other.The blood donation is a gift of life, think about it!

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